The Walking Dead - Zombie Attack

The Walking Dead - Zombie Attack

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  • After the outbreak of an unknown disease nearly all humankind turned into zombies. You are still uninfected thanks to your military training. You are on a mission: Find the zombies and get rid of them. There is a heavy load on your shoulders. You must survive and kill zombies so that world could be a zombie free zone. Will you be able to survive and shoot their brains out? Zombie Attack is an action crammed first person shooter game with awesome graphics. Aim at zombies and creatures using arrow keys or number keys and shoot. You must complete the given mission. This works as follows, you will be given the time you need to survive and the number of zombies you have to kill. Surviving in the given time and shooting given number of zombies will allow you to proceed to the next level. There are levels taking place in many different sceneries. Missions will not be as easy as you anticipate. There are zombies and monsters all around. Move the superimposed crosshair around the screen, aim and shoot. You will see regular zombies at the bottom of the screen. The ones at the middle of the screen throw decapitated heads, arms and legs. The ones emerging from the top of the screen are the creatures which initiated the epidemic at first hand so be extra careful with them. The zombies will appear and disappear at the beginning. Then start to pop up and disappear for a second, start to hit and run. Finally coming in swarms so get ready for a thumb numbing experience. Good luck!

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